For large and complex curved surface, we develop robot flexible machining system with milling, grinding and polishing. It can make the processed products have the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, appearance consistency and low personnel cost etc. The functions of off-line programming, path planning and feedback force control are included. By 3D laser vision guide and force/position control, the whole process and control can be realized. At present, the environment of processing and grinding is bad, which is harmful to workers. The industrialization development and promotion of this product will play an important role in realizing the replacement of traditional manual processing by intelligent manufacturing system.


Process flow chart



Application fields

The system can be widely used in the fields of marine engineering, aeronautical manufacture, rail transit, automobile and manufacturing. Now the system has been successfully used in the grinding projects of propeller blades, forklift balancing weight, high-speed railway bogie etc.



Technology Advantages

Robot Flexible System:

Using intelligent grinding robot flexible system to replace manual labor, efficient production, environmental manufacturing.

Force/position Hybrid Control Technology:

robot end actuator is equipped with vision and touch system, with accurate force/position hybrid control ability, can achieve a variety of complex machining processes, such as complex surface milling, grinding, deburring, polishing, drilling and so on. The system is composed of high resolution industrial camera, high precision laser rangefinder and image processor, which can provide the robot with target information and non-contact measurement. Using vision to calculate the feed information and correct the end deviation, the workpiece does not need accurate positioning;

Off-line track planning:

use laser measurement as a visual automatic identification to determine the precise location and tolerance of workpiece. By using visual software, 3D model reconstruction technique and advanced algorithms which independent research and development to realize the processing procedures of intelligent robots. Before processing, calculate the model, dimension and tolerance by laser measurement It is a cutting-edge and advanced application system in the field of plane and space grinding and polishing.



Photos of robot milling, grinding and polishing

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