New Energy Automobile Department

With the automobile entering ordinary people's homes, China has entered an era of rapid technological advance in the automobile industry. New energy vehicles, multi-energy hybrid vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will step into our life. It is followed by the upgrading and innovation of automobile production technology. When the new energy industry trend came, our company introduced domestic and foreign professional technology and talent to form a team, and independently developed new energy battery assembly technology, new energy motor drive assembly detection technology and automobile bus wiring harness assembly technology etc. With technology as the core, provide customers with professional upgrading and reconstruction solutions.

New energy automobile represents the development direction of the future automobile industry, and the future field of new energy automobile will have broad prospects for development. Based on this, Shenyang Yuanda Intelligent High-Tech Robot Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of key technology in the field of new energy automobile, aiming at automation and intelligent production, and has made a series of significant achievements in the fields of automatic assembly of new energy automobile battery pack, automatic production of automobile sheet metal, automatic welding of automobile body and so on.

Yuanda PACK automatic production lines use the flexible assembly technology, customized development of battery management system technology, thermal management technology, current control and detection technology, module assembly technology, aluminum alloy power battery box casting technology, the computer virtual development technology, etc., and make full use of its advantages in the field of industrial robot application, combining with robot visual guide, automatic laser welding penetration welding, high tempo, test system, database traceability system which covering the columns, soft bag, squares and other mainstream power battery PACK automatic assembly line.

The automatic production of automotive sheet metal parts is the key component of new energy automobile. For its high-speed upgrading and personalized needs, ROBOT automation system is introduced into sheet metal press line to make it flexible processing production characteristics and develop a new type of automatic press line between the CROSSBAR and single machine automation. It has obvious advantages and features: use the new servo press, the number of strokes of the press is high, a rapid feeding device is provided between the press, the cost is low and the flexibility of the production line is high.

Industrial robot is used in the new energy automobile body automatic welding production line. Combined with the force control system, 3D visual recognition system and offline programming system, it can realize all-round automatic welding of the car body. Greatly reduce the degree of manual participation to ensure the reliability and consistency of welding quality.


New energy battery assembly line


PACK Technical Process

The equipment is used for the integration of lithium iron phosphate square battery modules, including plasma cleaning, glue coating, battery stacking, side plate welding, laser coding, bottom plate glue coating and assembly, structure glue curing, etc.


According to the plan, the production process of power battery pack is divided into three sections, the module on-line detection section, the battery pack assembly section and the battery pack off-line detection section.
According to the plan, the production process of power battery pack is divided into three sections, the module on-line detection section, the battery pack assembly section and the battery pack off-line detection section.

(1)Module on-line detection section
The production line design operation adopts manual and tooling auxiliary positioning. The supplier is required to have the bar code of the module posted before the module purchase. The module on-line detection section includes the following procedures
(2)Battery pack assembly section
The production line design operation adopts manual, tooling auxiliary positioning, lifting and rotating hoisting and active pipeline transportation. It is including the following process:

Production line function

(1)Bottom cover feeding automatically, visual positioning
(2)Module feeding automatically, visual positioning
(3)Module feeding and positive and negative pole judgment
(4)Screw fastening automatically, visual positioning.
(5)Screw fastening automatically, automatic air-blowing screw auxiliary feeding
(6)EOL test
(7)Air tightness test, on line charge and discharge
(8)Reserved MES system software port