Rail Transit Department

At present, the rail transit industry has been developing rapidly. In the field of vehicle manufacturing, there is a huge demand for welding, assembly and polishing. In the manufacturing process, it has the characteristics of high strength, high precision and high quality. Meanwhile the higher technical ability is required for relevant operators. With the improvement of domestic and international demand for train capacity in the future, our company has been working in the rail transit industry for many years. Through the related independent R&D technology, integration of 3D vision, mechanical arm quick change, high-precision force control, as well as ultrasonic machining and other industry leading technologies, the automatic production of sleeper beam, rail body and high-speed rail bogie has been realized. Rail automation production line turn-key project ability has been achieved.

Now there are 36 engineers and technicians, including 4 with doctor's degree, 18 with master's degree and 14 with bachelor's degree. The main direction is to provide users with customized and all-round solutions for the rail transit industry. The customized products involved are as follows:

Corbel automatic production line

Production line function

This production line is mainly used for automatic production of corbel. The material of each component of corbel is aluminum alloy 6005A (profile) and 5083 (plate). The main functions are as follows:
1.Realize the automatic production of corbel.
2.Daily capacity: three pieces
3.The front end of the production line is an automatic processing area, and industrial robots are used to realize the automatic assembly, welding, grinding and transfer of various parts of the corbel.
4.The end of the production line is an artificial assistant area, by which the workpiece's shape adjustment, flaw detection, repair and off-line transfer are completed.


Composition of production line

The front end of the production line is the automatic processing area, and the robot is used to realize the automatic assembly, welding, grinding and transfer of each workpiece of the corbel. The end of the line is an artificial auxiliary area, which mainly realizes the automatic temporary storage of the assembly workpiece, planarity automatic inspection, manual weld inspection, workpiece alignment, workpiece repair and automatic workpiece rotation.
Automatic processing areas are including welding first sequence and welding second sequence. It is mainly composed of grinding robots, robot moving table, welding robot, truss transfer mechanical arm, positioner, tools box, control system and safety protection system, etc.

Key technology

1.Intelligent assembly technology
The accurate positioning of the workpiece can be realized through the tooling positioning tray, and the workpiece contour can be accurately scanned by the visual sensor to accurately identify the contour size of the workpiece. The system can identify automatically whether the workpiece is qualified or not. The qualified workpiece can be customized by the robot and automatically assembled with the automatic tooling.

Intelligent grinding technology
The surface of the weld is precisely scanned by the vision sensor to accurately identify the spatial position and shape of the weld, and to compensate the position deviation of the weld caused by the welding deformation and the dimensional deviation of the welding itself.
Based on the above visual identification technology, the robot is guided to automatically generate the final machining path through the visual guidance program developed by us, so as to realize the high-precision grinding and further improve the welding quality.

3.Intelligent welding technology
The six-axis industrial robot is adopted to integrate MIG welding system and the welding seam tracking technology to realize the backing welding and multi-layer and multi-path filling welding of the workpiece.
The system has the characteristics of automatic preheating, temperature detection, droplet transition, arc length control, synchronous pulse technology, etc. Fully automatic and high strength welding fixture can effectively prevent welding deformation and improve welding quality.