We develop two series of products for transport goods they are truss robot and handing robot. We set high standards for key parts, including robot track、robot gripper and so on.
Many companies reduce their operation costs and improve their efficiency in application of handing robot. Also it is solved the difficult to recruit workers. It expands the function for robot and machine tool. It make the machine tool operation simpler, it improve the operation safety of the machine tool. It improves the working efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers. It is the most important part of fully-automatic factory. It has great application value.



Process flow chart



Application fields

Handing robot is an important kind of robot application, it could be widely used in various industries according to change different gripper and fixture. As one kind of special machine, it very fast and flexible, it has high precision and large load. It is very popular in sorting and picking field. It is also popular in food industry、medicine industry、electronics industry 、cosmetics industry and logistics industry. Handing robot began to develop in the field of machining and assembly. It can complete the assembly and transfer of parts automatically.


Technology advantages

1.Improve production efficiency; Reduce operating cost
2.Increase the quality and consistency
3.Reduce work intensity; Increase safety
4.Reduce technical requirements for workers; Improve the working environment


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