The battery PACK production and assembly line is mainly used for the production and assembly of standard modules of lithium battery such as cylinder, square core and soft etc., and it is also used for the assembly of PACK box. During the production process, it will collect the data of key equipment parameters, product information, test data and production records. The functions of high precision standard automatic feeding, cell sorting, automatic coding, cell loading, polarity determination, automatic welding, screwing and performance testing, etc. can be realized. It is an integrated and standard module full (half) automatic production line.
The system PACK and standard module production line integrate the hardware and software, to achieve the function of tracking standard module product information. By using the technology of network and database, all the independent processes designed in the process of production and assembly of the module and box system PACK are combined together to achieve the unified management of product information, equipment parameters, test data, production reports and quality report data. It could obtain the real data in the production process in real time, and automatically detect tiny link in control of production process, thus become a real intelligent digital factory.



Process flow chart



Application fields

Fields of transportation power supply: electric vehicles (hybrid power and pure power), electric buses/minibuses (pure electric and hybrid power), electric special vehicles and other automotive industries.
Fields of power storage: large-scale solar/wind power storage system, power grid peaking power supply, dedicated uninterrupted power supply system, photovoltaic off-grid and grid-connected energy storage power station and other energy storage industries.
New energy storage power supply: electric tools (drill, grinder, electric nut, etc.), electric lawn mower and other electric products industry.
Aerospace military power supply: power supply for large ships, aircraft and other military battery industries.


Technical advantages

Strong R&D team

With a number of Pack R&D experts, the professional non-standard automation design team and experienced software team, we are engaged in battery module, Pack design and technical consulting services. The whole R&D team owns high education background, high quality, reasonable configuration and comprehensive technology.

Provide a full range of services

Including the whole factory layout planning, material distribution planning, beat analysis, logistics tool design, production data management and analysis services.


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