Logistics storage system is a complex system engineering with lighting、electricity and information communication. According to automation equipment, it can be transfer、identification、sorting、stacking、storage、retrieval and so on.
Usually it consists of storage、transfer、sorting、storage manager、intelligent identification、electric control、lighting、fire fighting、ventilation and heating facilities.
General equipment includes the following parts:palletizer、carriage、carriage with rack、hoist、AGV、RGV、stacker、conveyor line、hanging carriage and so on.



Process flow chart



Application field

Intelligent 3D storage system is used widely in almost all industries. There are many industries apply intelligent 3D storage, such as machinery、metallurgy、chemical industry、aerospace、electronics、medicine、books、food、tobacco、printing、distribution center、airport、marine port and so on.


Technical Advantage

1.reduce delivery time
2.keep workflow standardization and automation, improve accuracy and efficiency.
3.The data of materials and products can be controlled in real time, it support for management.
4.Materials and products can be tracked.
5.Reduce inventory; improve efficiency
6.Providing intelligent solutions, supply different production mode.
7.Increase storage density and reduce storage cost.
8.Improving the sorting efficiency of logistics center with automatic sorting, reduce delivery to period.


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