The riveting and assembly of the aircraft parts is an important part of the aircraft assembly, and the riveting method of the transmission is difficult to meet the requirements of high-precision, high-quality, high-efficiency and high-feedback riveting. The automatic drilling and riveting system of the robot is an important tool for the aviation industry to replace the traditional riveting technology.
Robot automatic drilling riveting system consists of positioning, measurement, control, feeding, end actuator and other corresponding devices, such as a single completion of drilling, countersink, glue coating, nail feeding, riveting, loosening and so on. Or an independent combination of one or more of these operations, different automatic drilling riveting systems can also complete the automatic installation of common rivets, core-pulling rivets, interference fitting rivets and high lock bolts, etc.



Process flow chart



Application fields

Automatic drilling and riveting technology is a rapid prototyping technology. High stability, widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive manufacturing and multi-layer sheet connection. It is suitable for the connection of riveted titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, composite material and other structures. It is an efficient and stable fastening method.


Technology advantages

1.Riveting quality is safe and reliable, closed-loop monitoring, traceability detection, real-time monitoring.
2.Digital, Automation, Intelligent Processing.
3.Compatible with the entire process flow to realize riveting unmanned.
4.Vision-assisted guidance, tracking and positioning, reducing automation requirements, increasing positioning compensation.
5.High efficiency, relieve laborious labor, improve production speed


Typical case:Fuselage skin riveting,Wing skin riveting

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