Our company for the rail transit industry high-speed train bogie production process and technical requirements,Using servo technology, flexible technology, measurement technology, robot technology, collaborative operation technology, automatic control technology and information technology,Complete the flexible automatic production of high-speed train bogie.
In the premise of meeting the requirements of the process, the realization of automatic identification, loading and unloading, grinding, measurement, assembly, welding in one of the intelligent production
At present, our company in the rail transit industry high-speed train bogie manufacturing equipment main products are:
Special manufacturing equipment for side beams;
Special manufacturing equipment for pillow beams;
Special manufacturing equipment for Beams;
These three sets of equipment are our first,,With unique technology and products have won the unanimous recognition of experts in the industry,So that customers in building the core competitiveness of enterprises at the same time, but also improve the external competitiveness of enterprises in the industry.



Process flow chart



Application field

High-speed rail bogie, city sleeper beam, aluminum alloy body, carbon steel body, escalator truss, car white body, elevator door plate, elevator car wall, ship hull, aero-engine main pipe and so on.


Technological superiority

Seam tracking:

Through self-developed weld tracking software,Enables real-time tracking of welded contours,And guide the robot to realize real-time path correction, welding parameters on-line real-time adjustment.

Off line programming:

Through offline programming software, the large complex workpiece is programmed offline to improve the debugging efficiency.

Component standardization:

Standardization of key components, such as welding machines, welding guns, wire feeder, transposition machines, etc.


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