Intelligent factory

Intelligent manufacturing process control and management with data as the center, automatic control, production scheduling optimization and resource planning management. Intelligent factory is in the digital factory (the use of modern digital manufacturing technology and computer simulation technology for the whole production process simulation, evaluation and optimization), on the basis of using the Internet of things technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management, improve the production process control, reduce the artificial intervention, production line and reasonable plan scheduling. At the same time, it integrates preliminary intelligent means, intelligent system and other emerging technologies to build an efficient, energy-saving, green, environmental protection and comfortable humanized factory. The essence is human-computer interaction.

Robot work line

The robot work line is composed of multiple robot workstations, logistics systems and necessary non-robot workstations. Its characteristics are: the processing object is automatically transferred from one robot to another robot, and automatically processed by the robot, loading and unloading, inspection and so on; The task of the workers is only to adjust, supervise and manage the automatic line, not to participate in the direct operation; All machines and equipment operate at a uniform pace and the production process is highly continuous. Using robot production line can not only liberate people from heavy manual work, some mental work and bad and dangerous working environment, but also greatly improve labor productivity and enhance the ability of human understanding and transformation of the world.

Robot work station

Robot workstation refers to a group of equipment which is mainly composed of one or more robots and equipped with corresponding peripheral equipment, such as positioner, conveyor, fixture, etc., or completes a relatively independent operation or working procedure with the help of manual auxiliary operation. Intelligent manufacturing is growing worldwide, the workstation is manufacturing technology development, especially information technology development, is the result of the further development of automation and integration technology, it can realize various manufacturing process automation, intelligent, lean, green, the equipment manufacturing industry overall technical level. As an important part of intelligent manufacturing, robot plays an important role in production and significantly improves production efficiency. As a representative force of new industrialization, the application of workstation is very broad, its high efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost, easy to maintain and repair, easy to network control system, system should be simple and clear, easy to operate and manual intervention, economical, rapid production and other characteristics attracted the attention of many production enterprises.