The automatic production line of pillow beam independently designed and developed byYuanda has an automatic processing area at the front. Robots are used to realize automatic assembly, automatic welding, automatic polishing and automatic transfer of each workpiece of pillow beam. The tail of the line is a manual assistance area, which mainly realizes automatic temporary storage of the workpiece, automatic inspection of flatness, and manual assistance for weld inspection, workpiece alignment, workpiece repair and automatic transfer of the workpiece. The system layout is as follows:

This production line is mainly applied to the automatic production of pillow beams for high-speed trains. By using the automatic production line that can meet the requirements of different pillow beams from raw materials to finished products, the main process of pillow beam production, such as automatic assembly, automatic welding, automatic polishing and automatic testing, can be realized.

By establishing the pillow beam production line, the realization of pillow beam production flexibility, digital and intelligent, the realization of digital collection of pillow beam production process data, statistics and analysis, and through the process of data analysis, can effective analysis and found the corbel defects in production process, can provide powerful technology improvement of corbel, effective data support. The intelligent features of the production line are shown in the figure below


The production line has the following three features:

Manage and control the whole production process

The automatic production line of pillow beam welding mainly includes: pillow beam assembly station, polishing workstation, pillow beam welding station, automatic testing, AGV, production line monitoring station and other intelligent workstation systems. Among them, the production line monitoring station is the central control system of the whole production line, which has the ability of centralized control and monitoring of the lower workstation or equipment, and the ability to communicate information with the upper system. Through the monitoring station of the production line, statistics of manipulator working process information, welding process information, data measurement information, AGV state, working state of workstation, and material input and output information of workstation are realized, and the process management, quality record and production tracing system of the production line are constructed to form a metric-type production mode.

Unit control and multi - machine coordination control of pillow beam welding production line

Based on Siemens PLC general control system and man-machine interface, control and control the intelligent management of the whole production line: time, steps, process management and production. Establish multi-manipulator coordinated motion control system, realize the coordinated motion of welding manipulator, assembling manipulator, servo positioner, flexible automatic tooling, feeding and discharging system, and complete the overall control management based on human-machine interface and PLC control.

Interworking technology of pillow beam production line

The pillow-beam automatic production line has an independent central control system, which is connected to the MES system upward and uploads the data needed by the upper system. Through Profibus and industrial Ethernet, each production line is connected and controlled centrally. Through the use of bus technology, to achieve the manual work position, material information position, manipulator work position and other abnormal production problems, to achieve information interaction and sharing, adjust the automatic logistics and product quality caused by quality feedback and solution.