Industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing are the advanced productive forces and the engines of sustained economic development. The casting industry is the basic industry in China, and the output scale has been increasing in recent years. In the field of large casting polishing and cleaning, "machine replacement" is imminent.

This system is an intelligent grinding robot system developed by our company for large and medium complex surface processing and grinding and polishing. It successfully solves the problems of manual grinding processing consistency and poor accuracy, improves workers' operating environment and improves production efficiency. The 6-axis industrial robot is equipped with force/position hybrid control device, vision device, off-line track planning system and double-sided grinding and polishing technology. It moves along the walking slide table and carries the motorized spindle with automatic tool change function and the rotating spindle box to process the blade surface. After processing products fully meet the requirements of large complex surface automatic grinding.

1. The system is equipped with 2 sets of industrial special milling robots, which are arranged symmetrically on both sides of curved parts to achieve simultaneous processing, grinding and polishing functions on both sides.
2. The turning and changing mechanism refers to the structure of horizontal lathe, and its unique structural design can realize the functions of fitting card, positioning, rotating positioning and bearing.

3. The robot sliding table adopts casting bed, high precision rail, servo and full closed loop control system, which can meet the high precision positioning and repeated positioning accuracy of robot linear movement.

4. Robot end tool is equipped with force/position hybrid control device, visual device, tool quick change device, automatic tool change device;

5. Off-line trajectory planning system

The system has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and high consistency of product appearance, low personnel cost and so on. It has the advantages of off-line programming, path planning and feedback force control, visual and force sense hybrid control and so on. The industrialization development and promotion of the product will certainly play a great role in promoting the modernization of polishing technology.