The machine tool feeding and unloading robot (manipulator) independently designed and developed by Yuanda company and the CNC machine tool are organically combined, which can realize the automatic grasping, feeding, cutting, clamping, processing and other processes of the workpiece, which can greatly save labor costs and improve production efficiency for machining, punching line to provide robot (manipulator) handling, bending, inspection and other solutions.

Trussed loading and unloading system

The trussed loading and unloading system adopts the form of double beam or single beam support to meet the requirements of heavy load handling, light load handling and high speed handling. This system has the on-line function with the machine tool, completes the whole line production data tracking and the parameter call, realizes the whole line automatic production.

This system adopts ITR-HJ series truss manipulator products independently developed by Yuanda. This series of products adopt gantry frame structure and double pinion and rack transmission mode, which has the characteristics of stable movement, high bearing capacity, high precision of movement position and good structural rigidity.

HJ series truss manipulator has 5 series of 25 products, can adapt to a variety of load and speed requirements, the series of products using the modular design concept, widely used in a variety of industries, a variety of products up and down requirements, the typical layout of the system is as follows:


Robot feeding and unloading system

The robot feeding and unloading system USES a robot with 6 degrees of freedom (or an external shaft) to complete the flexible feeding and unloading of the machine tool. The visual system is used to locate the workpiece. The robot grabs the workpiece and feeds the machine tool with feeding and unloading.

The system mainly consists of 6 axis robot, robot claw, visual auxiliary positioning system, workpiece feeding and positioning system, workpiece transition positioning system, workpiece changing surface grasping and positioning system, workpiece blanking system and other auxiliary equipment.

With the increasing of labor cost, the application of automatic feeding and unloading production line is more and more extensive. Based on this system, customized design is carried out for specific products, and the automatic feeding and unloading of products is completed by robots. Manipulator claw with pneumatic mechanical structure, can realize power failure, pneumatic workpiece clamping protection. The visual aided positioning system can accurately identify the shape and size of the workpiece and guide the robot to achieve accurate capture. The typical layout of the system is shown in the figure below: